PIIGSty Presents: The EU Decision Making Process Made Easy

August 19, 2012

PIIGSty.com has always promised to demystify all that academic speak and needless jargon to make current political, economic and legal topics in the EU accessible and easily understandable for all. One area which continues to confuse is the rather complicated decision making (aka legislative) process which drives the European Union forward. We are proud to present this new PIIGSty publication on that very topic.

With easy to identify (and adorable) original logos displayed with a simple and easy to read diagrammatic style, we have trimmed all the fat and just left the best bits. or click the cover

Heres the PDF PIIGSty Publication #4 or click the cover


PIIGSty Presents: From Attlee to Thatcher – The Development of British Attitudes toward the European Project (1945-1979)

February 21, 2012

One of the less understood mysteries in European politics is the issue of British antipathy toward the entire European project since the Schuman Declaration in 1950.  The story is more a British one than a European one about anti-Franco-German coal and steel cooperation. As such, it begins in 1945 in a war weary nation which had just unceremoniously ejected the victorious war hero Winston Churchill as Prime Minister to lay the groundwork for the modern British welfare state.

Heres the PDF PIIGSty Publication #3 – From Attlee to Thatcher: Evolution of UK Attitudes toward Europe

PIIGSty Presents: Your PIIGSty Guide to Econ101

February 7, 2012

In celebration of 10,000 page views, PIIGSty proudly presents our very own comprehensive reference guide to basic economics – or – as our transatlantic cousins might put it, ‘Econ101’

This guide represents the culmination of our very hard work over many months in response to many reader requests and we are delighted to offer our readers this guide for FREE for the very first time. The component chapters have already been uploaded in the Econ101 section (feel free to pilfer them at your leisure) but this is the final, finished, polished version, ready to sit pride of place on your coffee table. If you’d like a fully published version, contact us for a price (yeah,  thats not free…)

Your PIIGSty Guide to Econ101 eBook


Many thanks to all our PIIGSty readers. Comments/criticism welcome at editor@piigsty.com

PIIGSty Presents: Will the € Survive?

August 2, 2011

You’ll be delighted to know, today I post the first Piigsty Publication.

The title: “Does the current crisis pose a serious challenge to the future of the euro?”

Its not short (40 odd pages) but its well worth the read.

Since the onset of the current banking and sovereign debt crises in the EU, debate over the future of the European single currency has become hugely contentious. In some analyses, hysteria has replaced sound common sense with some commentators actively promoting misunderstanding of the wider European project. The debate over the euro’s survival has therefore long become a misguided one based on false assumptions and poorly researched conclusions.

This essay aims to dispell some myths and provide all the necessary facts. The basic conclusion? The euro never made economic sense, nor was it ever really meant to. The euro is about pure European politics. As John Stuart Mill said, multi-nation currency unity is the penultimate result of a process of ‘political improvement,’ a development which is inherently imperfect. Problem with the euro is that is was attempted at some unknown fuzzy middle stage of ‘political improvement’ in Europe…not as as end result. The consequences are plain for us to see.

PIIGSty Publication #1 – The Current Crisis and the Euros Survival