BBC News Graphic: The State of the PIIGS (Debt, Deficit and Growth)

BBC News has a really handy interactive graphic on the eurozone debt crisis. It has 4 sets of data based on Eurostat figures – Debt:GDP ratios, Budget Deficit, Economic Growth and Unemployment – from 1999 to Q1 2010 (not bang up to date but still useful to compare the PIIGS and others over the past 11 years). Use the indicators to compare all 17 eurozone countries (and the UK, as a bonus…)

PIIGSty has put together 3 useful images comparing each of the PIIGS to each other on the ‘big 3’ issues: Debt, Deficits and Growth (click on each category to see the Eurostat Excel tables)

Debt (GDP:Debt Ratio)

Budget Deficit



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